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Dr. Kaci is a Published Author  of more than 13 books, 12 published with Good Head Group Books. Dr. Kaci wrote "Its My Time", her first Novel, in 2006 and has been writing to help others heal since.... Her recent collection of books are designed to increase reader's faith, inspire hope and help guide readers to their individual purpose. Some of Dr. Kaci's creative writing can be found

online by way of our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook....

As a Host of both Speaking Freedom TV & Speaking Freedom Radion Dr. Kaci, enjoys sharing both her education and personal experience to help viewers and listeners enhance their life from the comforts of your home or Office. Speaking Freedom TV is available on Roku & Youtube. Speaking Freedom Radio is availab  


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Life Coaching & Spiritual Consulting


The Aligned Soul School

Speaking Freedom is a Virtual Life Coaching Center that has facilitated the journey to learn and develop various theories and philosophies now known as Spiritual Human Behavior by our founders, becoming the new wave in psychology established with Self Love, Compassion and Purpose. Spiritual Human Behavior is Speaking Freedom's Psychology, adding color to the core of human thought process and how it relates to evolving the soul with purpose. Kaci discovered a profound method of evaluating and growing society and the culture in which the world exist... Good Head Group will be teaching the various subjects to help those interested in personal & purpose development.

There are 11 Theories that Kaci has beta tested with clients and within her own life that she has termed Spiritual Human Behavior. These theories have been used to challenge each of the participants to grow and examine their lives and balance their actions on a spiritual level, allowing spiritual and mental healing. The healing experience makes room for individual purpose to be identified and pursued, causing a fuller, more stress free life. Coincidentally, each participant was able begin to accept themselves in a new light and embrace life seeing past perceived "failures and mistakes" as lessons meant to help them advance in life. 

Using the 11 Theories, psychology education, studies on religion and life experience, Dr. Kaci coined the term Spiritual Human Behavior to bring understanding about how your soul and spiritual nature can be displayed in your behavior. To take it a step further, Speaking Freedom and Good Head Group has developed courses and a curriculum to pass this learning along to the world through an online interactive learning environment. Classes subjects include, but not be limited to Self-Love, Purpose Development, Levels of Faith, Communication, Real-lationships and The World Around You. Course Material includes Audio books and work books, classes are on an interactive platform, pupils are also offered Love Gang affiliation as well as Discounted and free services to assist in their continued success. 


Love Gang Strategy Consulting 

Love Gang a Subsidiary of Speaking Freedom specializes in Talent & Artist Readiness, which includes Industry readiness, Spiritual Balance, Purpose Awareness and much more...


Helping you enjoy your journey of purpose and leadership while customizing your experience.

Speaking Freedom also does Talent Scouting if you are looking for casting directors, models, booking agents, management, photographers, music and video producers, production teams, Electricians, painters, etc... For more personal request please contact us to further discuss. 

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Solution Focused Business Consulting

Executive Coaching is a Consulting for High Profile and Exclusive clientele looking to revamp their brand and public appearance. This is for those who are Executive Visionaries looking to further their ideas or simply for help when brainstorming. Similar to the Personal Life Enhancement Coaching Services, the goal is to help you grow from one aspect and platform to new markets and International Success with Idea development.

The services are offered on an even more personalized and private level, knowing that higher profile clients are often unable to experience true privacy and are judged by others who are projecting their issues on those who are more visible and popular. Using Love... Even in business it remains important on many levels.


Life Coaching and Spiritual Consulting has a wide range of advantages to include helping with grief after death of a loved one, discovering your gift, unlocking your purpose and other spiritual insight... 

As a Certified Life Coach, Ordained Minister with a Bachelor's Degree in Applied Management/ Psychology, as both Doctor of Psychology & Philosophy Dr. Kaci provides Experience and Education based coaching that will changes lives within as little as 3 sessions. 


This service is not like the others please inquire within for more details. 

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