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Love Gang is a Affiliate and Business Partnership Company that brings together Good Head Group Alumni, Love Gang Partners and Business affiliates. The Tier program determines the access and ability you have within Love Gang platform and resources. Love Gang is based on high levels of integrity, loyalty and united growth. 


Love Gang provides Talent Consulting and Scouting Services that pairs Talent with certain grooming and support to make big break connections. Specializing in image consulting and success conditioning, Love Gang helps prepare you for pursuing/ accomplishing your goals and helps provide resources to prepare you for greatness. (*Love Gang and Speaking Freedom are not responsible for your career, unless contractual agreements are made for management, marketing, etc. you are solely responsible for your success.)

The goal with Love Gang is to offer a Loving and Supportive Business environment where you can find venture financing, collaborate with other affiliates to merge and create new opportunities that are pushed by Love Gang Affiliates. Love Gang also provides peer growth support through Speaking Freedom Life Enhancement Coaching programs and services. 


Love Gang affiliates are connected through Speaking Freedom, Good Head Group and Love Gang services, receive discounts on various merchandise, apparel, and recommendations to the best resources available for any industry. Love Gang maybe your missing link to success. 

For More Information about Love Gang click link to email Speaking Freedom & Friends.

Good Head Group is a Multi Media Company that has 3 Sectors under the Speaking Freedom Umbrella, Good Head Group Publishing & Production and Good Head Group School of Advanced Studies.


Good Head Group Publishing & Production is the Publishing & Production Company Speaking Freedom uses to produce & publish audiobooks as well as traditional print books and course materials. Good Head Group Publishing & Production will be accepting New Authors and Narrators by 2020. Specializing in Self-Enhancement, Instructional Books and Faith Based Narrative regardless of or if content is explicit.

Good Head Group School of Advanced Studiesis an Interactive Learning Center that offers classes in Self Love, Purpose, Faith and More. The books, interactive classes, and learning material is designed to cater to ages 8 years old to adult learners seeking to advance in their personal, professional, and spiritual life. For the younger learners the instruction is designed to teach early self awareness, confidence, acceptance and being a future leader. 


All courses and other learning information has been created with beta testing methods and practices to create a highly effective information and life advancement.  The books, lessons and interactive learning setting can be coupled with a Life Enhancement Coaching to further your growth through healing any and all Emotional Traumas, wounds and self doubt to fully move forward carrying out your life and soul purpose on earth. 

For More Information please visit:

Good Head Group

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About Love Gang


The Vision of Speaking Freedom, Good Head Group and Love Gang is to uplift, encourage, motivate and teach individuals how to enhance their lives. Focused on meeting people where they are in their lives, ensuring that there is no judgment or condemnation for where they are currently, while promoting positive changes in any area that causes unhappiness or disrupts peace. Helping to lead each friend, partner, member, client or supporter to a life of No Drama, No Unnecessary Stress, Purpose and Total Life Fulfillment.

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and Speaking Freedom's Psychology Taught by Dr. Kaci


Speaking Freedom is a Virtual Life Coaching Center that has facilitated the journey to learn and develop various theories and philosophies now known as Spiritual Human Behavior by our founder, becoming the new wave in psychology established with Self Love, Compassion and Purpose. Spiritual Human Behavior is Speaking Freedom's Theory of Psychology, adding depth to the core of human thought process and how it relates to evolving the soul with purpose. Dr. Kaci Myers discovered a profound method of evaluating and growing minds about the culture in that affects of daily lives... Good Head Group will be teaching the various subjects to help those interested in personal & purpose development.  Click for more info...


Xscape & SWV Verzuz Review

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Xscape & SWV Verzuz Review
Xscape & SWV Verzuz Review

Xscape & SWV Verzuz Review

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The Attack on Families & Becoming the Unseen 2   Coming Together

The Attack on Families & Becoming the Unseen 2 Coming Together

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The Attack on Families & Becoming the Unseen 1

The Attack on Families & Becoming the Unseen 1

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Virtual  Spiritual & Soul Educational Consultant

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