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"Emotional Trauma Survivor Support"

- Dr. Kaci (The Cardiologist of the Emotionally Scarred)

Welcome to Speaking Freedom

Virtual Life Enhancement Coaching

Speaking Freedom, LLC. is a Free Virtual Life Enhancement Center established to assist those desiring not only a change, but also form a new way of thinking pattern. Speaking Freedom is not considered a business by the creators. We believe in helping those who maybe facing a tough decision and have a desire to receive help weighing out all options. We specialize in Veteran services, overcoming childhood issues, spiritual balance, and much more.

All services will be held either by online video chat, phone, or email. Initial Consultation and some other services are FREE of charge!**

** Fees for your specific needs will be discussed and determined during your consultation and are based on your individual needs...

Our Vision - The Vision of Speaking Freedom, LLC. is to uplift, encourage, motivate and teach individuals how to enhance their lives. Meeting people where they are in their lives, ensuring that there is no judgment or condemnation for where they are currently, while promoting positive changes in any area that causes unhappiness.

Our Mission - The Mission of Speaking Freedom,LLC. is to Love everyone that we encounter. We assist people on a daily basis heal from past hurt and release the pain so that forgiveness and growth can take place. We are determined to provide each person with a personalized experience custom built for their specific need and desire for change.

Meet The Owner & The Business

Dr. Kaci, Owner & CEO

Dr. Kaci, Speaking Freedom founder, is a devoted Certified Life Coach, Ordained Minister, Mother, Author, Intuitive Inspirational Speaker, Adviser, Philosopher, PHD., Visionary, Disabled Army Veteran, Radio Show Host, Publisher, Content Creator and Talent Consultant; who believes in Love, Faith and Enjoying Life while living out your Soul Purpose. She thrives on seeing people live their best lives, while finding peace within being their True Self and embracing their individual life's Journey.

Born and raised in Dayton, Oh, Kaci obtained her GED at the age of 17. Shortly after earning her GED, Kaci joined the US Army graduating basic training on her 18th birthday. Kaci served over 3 1/2 years in the Army before being medically discharged after returning from Iraq.

Once out of the Army, Kaci relocated to Atlanta, GA, a childhood dream, vowing to never live in her hometown again. Upon moving to Atlanta, she met some of her closest friends to date and committed her life to living for God. She quickly got involved in her local church and dived into a deeper relationship with God while enduring her own personal struggles with having vivid dreams and visions of things that she couldn't understand, aside from the daily living struggles.

Kaci wrote and published her first book (It's My Time) in 2006. Along with self publishing her book, she began doing promotional photo shoots and speaking engagements the summer of 2006 at S.W. DeKalb H.S. for career day. Kaci ended up speaking to a classroom of students, igniting her fire to inspire change. Kaci began to finally see the prophecies previously spoken over her life to help people manifesting.

Kaci earned her Bachelors Degree in Applied Management with emphasis on Psychology in 2011 from GCU a division II Christian College located in Phoenix, AZ, where she resided for almost 2 years in efforts to assist with the start up of a satellite church. Kaci has worked off and on since being out of the army, holding positions at MCI, Department of Veteran Affairs as a work study, GA Child Support Services, and University of Phoenix as a Finance Counselor. Kaci has studied Medical billing, human anatomy, banking and finance, Accounting, VA regulations and claims process, credit ratings and different strategies used to increase credit scores, Entertainment Industry Entrepreneurship, and she started working on her Masters in psychology, before being redirected back to serving her community a Life Enhancement Coach while helping her children pursue their dreams.

Finally mentally, spiritually and financially ready, Kaci is now pursuing her purpose while using all of her God given skills, gifts and abilities. Currently working as a Certified Life Coach with Good Head Group Interactive Virtual Learning Center, Love Gang Affiliation, creating audio books, classes, forming movie ideas, dabbling in writing poems and music, but her passion is helping people heal and fulfill their purpose. She is also freelancing as creative contributor for new businesses ventures, accepting new clients for Speaking Freedom's Life Coaching Program, Accepting interviews and Bookings for Speaking Engagements.

Kaci has been coined "Cardiologist of the Emotionally Scarred." As an Industry Leader, Dr. Kaci plans to use her influence to continue to promote Wholeness, Inner Peace, Self Love and Living a Life of Purpose. 

Good Head Group

Good Head Group is a Multi Media Company that has 3 Sectors under the Speaking Freedom Umbrella, Good Head Group Publishing & Production and Good Head Group School of Spiritual Studies.


Good Head Group Publishing & Production is the Publishing & Production Company Speaking Freedom uses to produce & publish audiobooks as well as traditional print books and course materials. Good Head Group Publishing & Production are accepting New Authors and Narrators. Specializing in Self-Enhancement, Instructional Books and Faith Based Narrative regardless of or if content is explicit.

Good Head Group School of Spiritual Studies is Speaking Freedom's Interactive Learning Center that offers classes in Self Love, Purpose, Faith and More. The books, interactive classes, and learning material is designed to cater to ages 15 years old to adult learners seeking to advance in their personal, professional, and spiritual life. For the younger learners the instruction is designed to teach early self awareness, confidence, acceptance and being a future leader. 


All courses and other learning information has been created with beta testing methods and practices to create a highly effective information and life advancement.  The books, lessons and interactive learning setting can be coupled with a Life Enhancement Coaching to further your growth through healing any and all Emotional Traumas, wounds and self doubt to fully move forward carrying out your life and soul purpose on earth. 

For More Information please visit:

About Love Gang

Love Gang is an Affiliation Program centered around a Social concept that creates a Love & Business Exchange establishing partnerships that brings together Good Head Group Alumni, Love Gang Partners and Business affiliates to impact the world in a magical way. The Tier program determines the access and ability you have within Love Gang platform and resources. Love Gang is based on high levels of integrity, loyalty and united growth. 


Love Gang provides Talent Consulting and Scouting Services that pairs Talent with certain grooming and support to make big break connections. Specializing in image consulting and success conditioning, Love Gang helps prepare you for pursuing/ accomplishing your goals and helps provide resources to prepare you for greatness. (*Love Gang and Speaking Freedom are not responsible for your career, unless contractual agreements are made for management, marketing, etc. you are solely responsible for your success.)

The goal with Love Gang is to offer a Loving and Supportive Business environment where you can find venture financing, collaborate with other affiliates to merge and create new opportunities that are pushed by Love Gang Affiliates. Love Gang also provides peer growth support through Speaking Freedom Life Enhancement Coaching programs and services. 


Love Gang affiliates are connected through Speaking Freedom, Good Head Group and Love Gang services, receive discounts on various merchandise, apparel, and recommendations to the best resources available for any industry. Love Gang maybe your missing link to success. 

For More Information about Love Gang click link to email speakingfreedom and friends.

Speaking Freedom Public Privacy Police

Speaking Freedom, Love Gang & Good Head Group observes a Public Privacy Policy created by it's founder which entails of Speaking Freedom, Love Gang & Good Head Group not disclosing identifying information about clients publicly or privately. Speaking Freedom, Love Gang & Good Head Group reserves the right to share situations, circumstances or information that would benefit the Community & Culture at Large. This means that only the person who worked with Speaking Freedom, Love Gang & Good Head Group and the Coach, Consultant or employee will know who the public information is about while maintaining the privacy of the individual, company, brand, or person. 

For More Information about public privacy email:


For our Public Privacy standards from our apps, channels and other forms of communicate please click the PDF Link

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